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Logistics by simple rules

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“Makan” focuses on cargo delivery, customs clearance and placement of goods in warehouses. Skills and knowledge of the best specialists are at your disposal.

Our services include:

  • Freight shipping around the world

  • Сustoms

  • Additional services for the client, such as storage, certification, insurance and consultancy

Our rules:

  • Quality control throughout the process of freight transportation

  • Open and transparent way of interaction

  • Route optimization and
    improvement of customs clearance process

  • Constant market analysis: active participation in foreign economic activity; monitoring of changes in legislation, market conditions and geopolitical situation

  • Looking ahead: following all the innovations and positive changes in the industry

We are ready to offer our clients the most convenient delivery option!

Fast delivery, saving on small amount of cargo, planning accuracy
Geographic accessibility, profitability with big volume shipping
Accessibility, speed, mass distribution
Great delivery option within the country: the longer the road is, the more favorable the rates are

The accurate route planning and the use of multimodal transport allows us to offer the best delivery option and to guarantee speed and quality of delivery.

Freight shipping around the world

  • “Door-to-door” service
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL)
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Temperature-controlled freight
  • Transportation of large-size cargos
MAKAN obtains all necessary additional documents

Сustoms clearance

How we work:

  • MAKAN provides quick procurement of goods and qualitative customs clearance
  • MAKAN helps to register as a participant in foreign economic activity and to create a digital signature
  • MAKAN advises on accurate doing the necessary paperwork

Where we work:

Auto Air Sea
Moscow, Smolensk Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow Domodedovo airport, Vnukovo International Airport ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok

We are ready to offer you various options for cooperation - from full to partial outsourcing of your company’s logistics processes:

  • Procurement of equipment, materials, furniture, household goods, etc.

  • Door-to-door delivery: export and import of various types of goods. Air, sea and rail freight transportation in optimal combinations that meet your needs.

  • Grouped goods.

  • Registration of various types of cargo.

  • Preparation of necessary authorization documents.

  • Secure storage of cargo that meets all the necessary conditions.

  • Consulting services on any logistic issues.

Additional services:

  • Placement of goods in warehouses that meet the conditions of storage of goods
  • Assistance in obtaining authorization documents for various types of goods: the declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity, phytosanitary certificate, alcohol content protocol, etc.
  • Сargo insurance against all possible risks
  • Consulting services on any issues of international logistics

Our advantages:

  • We are ready to offer you various options for cooperation - from full to partial outsourcing of your company’s logistics processes
  • Well-established partner network around the world
  • High level of qualification and professionalism of the staff
  • Safe and secure delivery of any type of cargo within an optimum time frame


Please, feel free to contact us in the form most suitable for you and be sure we will do our best to offer the most appropriate delivery option.